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In this final episode of the season, I had the pleasure of speaking with the wonderful Caroline Webb – an executive coach, international speaker, and author of the best-selling book, How To Have A Good Day: Harness the Power of Behavioural Science to Transform Your Working Life.

From managing uncertainty by reconnecting with those things of which we can be sure, to working with self-compassion and conscious attention, we discuss what it might look like to regain a sense of control and competence in uncertain times, and how through noticing moments fo aliveness, joy and energy, we can start to tune into what gives us a greater sense of depth and meaning in our lives.

I revelled in this conversation, and although this is the last in the season, I will be back soon to explore how we might work with one another, technology and the living environment to create a new, more resilient future.

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Recorded on the 14th May.


A Senior Advisor to McKinsey, where she was previously a Partner, Caroline specialises in teaching people how to apply behavioural science insights to improve their professional lives.

She’s worked with hundreds of organisations to help their employees become more productive, energised, and successful, first as a Partner at McKinsey, where she continues to serve as a Senior Advisor, and now as CEO of her own firm, Sevenshift.

Her book has been published in 14 languages in over 60 countries so far, and has been hailed by Forbes as one of their “must-read business books,” and described by Fortune as one of their top “self-improvement through data” books.

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