The Hive Podcast – A new series


Welcome to The Hive Podcast, a new ten-part series with me, Nathalie Nahai, exploring technology’s impact on our personal, cultural and political lives.

Join me each episode as I interview a fascinating array of guests on everything from psychology, surveillance, data privacy, and sex robots, to politics, AI, personality profiling and much, much more.

Podcast Launch: Seeking The Self

In our increasingly distracted world, many have found sanctuary in the podcast.

By quietening the noise of the external world, we create the opportunity to turn inward and listen to the voices we choose to hear. Thoughtfully selected, these podcasts can be a source of personal discovery, exploration and growth.

Humanise The Web

Harness persuasive technology for good

Humanise the Web is an intimate, interactive one-day event that seeks to explore our hidden psychological relationship with technology, and how the internet is influencing our decisions, relationships and lives.

We’ll discuss the original intention behind the web’s inception, how the internet is shaping our identity, and how we can use tech to increase our wellbeing. We’ll also explore the dark net, benevolent deception and the quantified self, as well as the effects of hookup apps and pornography on our relationships.

There will be interactive thought experiments and a live show on the secret life of your mobile phone, as well as fabulous food an a fabulous little afterparty…

They always say that the first is the best for a reason ; )

NN x