Webs Of Influence - Nathalie Nahai

Webs Of Influence

The Secret Strategies That Make Us Click (1st Edition)

As legions of businesses scramble to set up virtual-shop, we face an unprecedented level of competition to win over and keep new customers online.

At the forefront of this battleground is your ability to connect with your customers, nurture your relationships and understand the psychology behind what makes them click.

In this best-selling book, the web psychologist Nathalie Nahai expertly draws from the worlds of psychology, neuroscience and behavioural economics to bring you the latest developments, cutting edge techniques and fascinating insights that will lead to online success.

Webs of Influence delivers the tools you need to develop a compelling, influential and profitable online strategy which will catapult your business to the next level – with dazzling results.


What Nathalie has to say should change the way you think about marketing, advertising and communications online

Mitch Joel
President, Twist Image
Beautifully and healthily broad in its influences… Very practical

Rory Sutherland
Vice-Chairman, Ogilvy & Mather UK
Webs of Influence should be on every web marketer’s bookshelf

Roger Dooley
Author, Brainfluence
On! The Future Of Now

On! The Future of Now

Making Sense of Our Always On, Always Connected World

We’re living in an age of unprecedented human connectivity. Technology unites and interrupts us; it relays news, depicts worldwide photos, and shrinks the distances between our relationships.

We tune into events elsewhere, witnessing the experiences of others unfolding in real time. Our communications paradigm has shifted and, with it, the interactions of our immediate environments have evolved.

Published in partnership with Social Media Week and Nokia, curated by Toby Daniels and Craig Hepburn and edited by Caroline McCarthy, On! The Future of Now is a collection of essays and personal stories from leading thinkers in tech, media, and entrepreneurship that provides insight into how social media and technology have impacted their lives and their work.

Proceeds from the sale of On! The Future of Now will go to support charity: water’s clean water projects in the developing world.


It’s like WIRED’s fantasy dinner party having access to the talents of Scott Harrison, Jonah Peretti, Nancy Lublin and so many other creative thinkers… A brilliant opportunity to understand how technology is changing our world, explained by the very people leading that revolution

David Rowan
Editor, WIRED Magazine