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Hello again! It’s a pleasure to be back with you over the airwaves, for this little catchup ahead of the new season, which will be launching on Sunday the 20th August.

This new set of conversations has been a little while in the making, not least because I’ve been working on some new and exciting projects that weave together the themes that we explore here, with some of my personal interests in the arts, in gathering, and in our capacity to step into life with greater presence.

The Hive actually turned Five years old this summer, and since it started, it has grown and blossomed into a project that has introduced me to so many new people, perspectives and ways of being, that it’s become one of the favourite parts of what I do. And that’s in large part, thanks to you.

With all of the challenges that we’re facing individually and collectively – from ecological, climatic and economic disruption, to the huge impacts we’re only just beginning to feel from the accelerating deployment of AI – the question of how we can withstand and perhaps embrace so much uncertainty has been on my mind for quite a while. And in all of the research and writing I’ve done over the years around psychology, values, integrity – themes which I explore I my latest book, Business Unusual – I’ve been reflecting increasingly on how I can more actively walk the talk.

With that in mind, alongside the projects I’ve been developing around how we can show up and flourish in a changing world (more to come soon), it felt like the right time to rename the podcast quite simply: Nathalie Nahai, In Conversation.

It’s nothing grand, and it does what it say on the tin – but you’ll notice from the cover art that it has a new visual identity, one that for me at least, connects into our ongoing exploration of what it means to be human, in search of connection and meaning within the wider web of life.

I’ve also decided to experiment a little with the format. Alongside this audio version of the podcast, you can also watch the video version over on my YouTube channel, where I’ll also be posting additional bonus content with my guests. I’ll include all the links in my shownotes, so you can check them out.

The new season will be launching on Sunday the 20th August, and I’m excited to share more with you about my companion projects as they unfold. Until then, thank you for joining me on this adventure, and I can’t wait to share this next chapter with you.


Produced by Caro C. Written & recorded by Nathalie Nahai © 2023.

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