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43. A SPECIAL SOLSTICE CONVERSATION / Della Duncan & Manda Scott

With the deepest night of the year upon us, today’s rather special conversation comes as a celebration of solstice and the turning of the year, as a joint offering from The Hive, Accidental Gods, and the Upstream Podcast.

I’m joined by the wonderful Manda Scott – whose brilliant idea this was – and Della Duncan, another inspiring voice in this constellation of podcasts. 

We wanted to take a moment to reflect on the challenges we’ve faced and what they’ve taught us, share some the inspiring gifts that have gotten us through, and offer our visions for what we might create together as we move into 2021.


Della is a renegade economist dedicated to the just transition to a more sustainable and equitable world. From sharing stories of economic system change through the Upstream Podcast, to her workshops and consultancy work with communities and organizations, she helps people to better align their work with alternative economics movements. Della offers Right Livelihood coaching to help individuals find their own unique contribution to economies where people and the planet matter, and she serves as a research activist as an Atlantic Fellow for Social and Economic Equity through the International Inequalities Institute at the London School of Economics.



Manda is a podcaster, screenwriter and trainee homeopath. In her past, she’s been a veterinary surgeon, an award-winning novelist, columnist and political activist. These days, she teaches shamanic dreaming and is doing her utmost to facilitate conscious evolution. She’s host and co-founder of Accidental Gods and – newly – is one part of Narrative Ark. She’s looking forward to a transformative year in 2021.

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