Next Conference

NEXT Conference is the event for those who actively participate in shaping the digital transformation.

Together with 1.300 international digital minds we will dive deeply into the world of tomorrow’s customers, business models and strategies.

The Conference prepares companies for the challenges and opportunities of developing digitalisation – and helps them to stay fit for the future.


WORKSHOP: Psychologically optimise your website & marketing

The Workshop & Networking Lunch

For the past few years I’ve been running a series of intense (and fun!) half-day masterclasses for organisations including Unilever, eBay and Google, teaching them how to use web psychology principles in their websites and content marketing.

And with 2016 now in full swing, I’ve decided to run an open workshop for those of you who might be interested in kicking off the new year applying these insights to your business.

This workshop is a practical, intense half-day dive that will teach you how to use cutting-edge research from the behavioural sciences to increase the effectiveness of your website, marketing and customer engagement.

Since one of the most important aspects of learning is being able to discuss our ideas and relate them to real-world business, there will be a fabulous complimentary private networking lunch after the workshop.

I don’t run these workshops very often, and will only run it if I reach a minimum of 15 attendees. 


Marketing Society Digital Day

For this highly popular event we looked into the world of digital marketing.

During the event we looked at some of the key topics, challenges and insights when planning and implementing successful and impactful digital campaigns.

We also looked at best practice in digital, examined some successful case studies as well as the rapidly changing landscape of digital, what the future holds and how you can ensure you stay ahead of the competition.


Habit Summit

Let’s talk about building consumer habits

Join entrepreneurs, innovators, and industry insiders to learn how to build more engaging products and services.

Dive into psychology, design, and behavioural science to develop habits that stick.

This event is for product designers, executives, and marketers: anyone who needs to understand what makes customers tick.



Fredric Vinnå
James Clear
Nathalie Nahai
Nir Eyal
Roger Dooley
Ryan Hoover


Special discount

I’ve nabbed us a special discount – grab$50 off tickets to the Habit Summit using the code “FriendOfSpeaker” on the Eventbrite page.


Harvard Business Review

The future of mobile

Josh Macht, group publisher of Harvard Business Review, is delighted to invite you to a discussion event on Tuesday 24th February at the Bulgari Hotel in Knightsbridge, focusing on mobile usage and its impact and on the media landscape.


Panelists will include:

Joshua Macht – Group Publisher, Harvard Business Review Group
Carsten Sorensen – Associate Professor at LSE
Nathalie Nahai -Web Psychologist
Sumant Bhatia – Head of Digital Features, Telegraph


We’ll be discussing topics such as:

App vs Browser: Are apps dead?
Sponsored Content: Will banners and buttons be replaced by sponsored content on the phone?
Can we make branding campaigns work on the mobile platforms?
What are the implications of “viewability” on a mobile platform?
What are the new metrics of engagement on the mobile platform?​


To book your place:

Places are limited, so please RSVP to the email address on the invitation below:



The psychology and strategy behind persuasive marketing videos


Phil Nottingham and I recently ran a masterclass at SMW London, on the psychology behind persuasive marketing videos, and how to get people to watch them.

The session was completely sold out with many people unable to actually get into the room (!), which is why we’re running this small, intensive one-day workshop.

In this one-off session, we’ll dive deeper into how to implement the psychological and technical aspects of designing persuasive marketing videos.


“Nathalie’s insights into the online influence of behavior and how that should
inform a brand’s authenticity, originality, and overall marketing approach were incredible;
immensely practical for all companies, from small business to enterprise.” 

Toby Daniels
Founder and Executive Director of Social Media Week


Nathalie Nahai and Phil Nottingham at SMW 2014



The goal of our workshop is to arm you with the best knowledge, tools, and a practical plan that you can take away at the end of the day to increase your video marketing success, whatever your business.

We’ve done all the research so that you don’t have to, and in combining Phil’s technical skills with Nathalie’s web psychology expertise, this will be a unique workshop not to be missed.

[av_button label=’Grab my Early Bird ticket!’ link=’manually,′ link_target=’_blank’ color=’custom’ custom_bg=’#78d635′ custom_font=’#ffffff’ size=’large’ position=’left’ icon_select=’no’ icon=’ue800′ font=’entypo-fontello’]



9am – 9.30am – Introduction to principles of effective video marketing
9.30am – 10am – Building a video content strategy

10am – 10.15am – Break (refreshments provided)

10.15am – 11.15am – Making videos watchable and shareable
11.15am – 12.30pm – Building a tone of voice for video

12.30pm – 1.30pm – Lunch (provided)

1.30pm – 2.45pm – Group sessions to develop content strategies + tone of voice for each business
2.45pm – 3.45pm – Secrets of Technical Video Optimisation

3.45pm – 4pm – Break (refreshments provided)

4pm – 5pm – Getting videos promoted to the right audiences
5pm – 5.30pm – Reporting on the success of video content



We’re limiting numbers to strictly 45 places so that we can spend higher quality time with everyone who attends, and the format will include a mix of presentations, interactive elements and breakout groups.

We’re looking forward to helping you succeed in your video marketing!

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See you there,

Nathalie & Phil

Digital Age Summit (Istanbul, Turkey)

Future trends in the marketing world

Digital information technologies, especially the boom in user content and social media, have created radical changes in the marketing world. At first brands were in rush to become more impactful on social media in order to gain more followers and fans. In fact the quantity didn’t matter, but the quality does.

A good amount of fans or likes is not a good determinant (nor the most efficient solution) for marketers to reach their marketing goals on digital arena.

Marketing targets can only be reached by engaging with digital users and fans directly on social media, and by including them in your communication strategy.

Sitecore Digital Trendspot (London)

Digitally ever after: Making the customer the hero through compelling digital storytelling

Telling your brand story – what it is, where it’s come from, and where it promises to go – is no fairy tale; it’s a fundamental requirement if the brand intends to become a legend in the eyes of its customers.

Yet many brands, in an effort to spin what they believe to be their own exciting and engaging yarn, have failed to recognise that this approach to storytelling is outdated and ineffective.

Traditional brand storytelling is, like the one-way broadcast marketing model of old, a linear experience. Story-telling rules apply; start at the very beginning, don’t repeat the same page over and over again, and never skip chapters. Presenting a story this way, at bedtime or anytime, means telling the listener what happens; beyond the detail of how the tale unfolds, there’s hardly any potential to truly draw someone in to the narrative.

It’s digital that has the ability to change the way we tell stories forever after.

A brand’s own story remains hugely important. It’s the world within which the story is set. It’s the tone, the purpose. It introduces the plot points and themes. But the hero or heroine – the person at the heart of the tale, who experiences and interacts with all of these elements, should not be the brand itself. It should be the customer.

We’re entering a golden age of story-telling. Digital lets us rip up the pages of the old rulebook, in favour of an interactive narrative between brand and customer, where the story, the journey, and the experience is forged from collaboration.

How will your brand tell a new, digitally-driven, customer-centric story? And how will you make sure that story, for you and the customer, ends ‘digitally ever after’?

Topics we’ll cover:

  • Casting the customer as the hero – how to make your story personal to each customer, so they become the hero of the narrative
  • Creating the world your story will play out in – examining the technology that ensures your story-telling strategy remains connected
  • Digitally ever after – how to tell an enduring story that keeps your customers and fans engaged for a lifetime
  • Re-telling your brand story, digitally – how to evolve your story-telling approach
  • Story time – examples from great brands achieving success through consistent, creative brand story-telling

This is going to be a rich, fun, exciting conference – love to see you there!

NN x


Communications and Marketing in Housing (London)

The future of communication

How will communications change over the next five years? Do you have the fundamentals in place to keep pace? Can you be sure that you will still be reaching the right people with the right messages?

Attend Communications and Marketing in Housing to learn from experts in the public, commercial and charity sectors at sessions that offer a mixture of the strategic, the practical and the innovative.

Look beyond the day to day and embrace the changes ahead.

Topics we’ll cover

Communications and Marketing in Housing looks outside the housing sector and in to the future. The inspirational speakers, interactive workshops and thought-provoking debates will ensure you’re ready for the challenges and opportunities that lay ahead.

  • Debate how communications and marketing will change in the future
  • Build a brand that encompasses your whole organisation
  • Learn how to handle a crisis – and turn it to your advantage
  • Pick up tips and tricks from the commercial sector
  • Network with colleagues across the housing sector

Looking forward to it!

NN x

Media Trust Spring Conference (London)

Create, Connect, Change

Our Spring conference will provide guidance and inspiration on how to: create content using a variety of formats; strategically connect and market content; develop a content strategy to effect real behavioural change.

The conference is going to be delivered in a TED talk format with inspirational and insightful keynote talks from experts in the media and communications industry and charity sector; panel debates and networking.

Panel debate

Our panel of media and charity experts will debate whether you have to shock to create change.

  • Is shocking content the only way to create behaviour change?
  • Is a hard hitting campaign the only way to get people to stop, think and act?
  • How do we move people from ‘liking’, sharing and following our content to making a meaningful change in their behaviour?
  • Are harrowing or provocative images more effective than messages of empowerment and triumph?
  • Have we become lazy in creating compelling content?

Confirmed panellists include:

  • Colin Byrne CEO UK & EMEA, Weber Shandwick
  • Emma Sheppard Head of Brand and Communications, St Johns Ambulance
  • Reuben Turner Creative Director, The Good Agency
  • Ali Stunt CEO, Pancreatic Cancer Action
  • Laura Dolphin Brand Manager, Oxfam
  • Alison Baum CEO, Best Beginnings

Hope to see you there!

NN x