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Digitally ever after: Making the customer the hero through compelling digital storytelling

Telling your brand story – what it is, where it’s come from, and where it promises to go – is no fairy tale; it’s a fundamental requirement if the brand intends to become a legend in the eyes of its customers.

Yet many brands, in an effort to spin what they believe to be their own exciting and engaging yarn, have failed to recognise that this approach to storytelling is outdated and ineffective.

Traditional brand storytelling is, like the one-way broadcast marketing model of old, a linear experience. Story-telling rules apply; start at the very beginning, don’t repeat the same page over and over again, and never skip chapters. Presenting a story this way, at bedtime or anytime, means telling the listener what happens; beyond the detail of how the tale unfolds, there’s hardly any potential to truly draw someone in to the narrative.

It’s digital that has the ability to change the way we tell stories forever after.

A brand’s own story remains hugely important. It’s the world within which the story is set. It’s the tone, the purpose. It introduces the plot points and themes. But the hero or heroine – the person at the heart of the tale, who experiences and interacts with all of these elements, should not be the brand itself. It should be the customer.

We’re entering a golden age of story-telling. Digital lets us rip up the pages of the old rulebook, in favour of an interactive narrative between brand and customer, where the story, the journey, and the experience is forged from collaboration.

How will your brand tell a new, digitally-driven, customer-centric story? And how will you make sure that story, for you and the customer, ends ‘digitally ever after’?

Topics we’ll cover:

  • Casting the customer as the hero – how to make your story personal to each customer, so they become the hero of the narrative
  • Creating the world your story will play out in – examining the technology that ensures your story-telling strategy remains connected
  • Digitally ever after – how to tell an enduring story that keeps your customers and fans engaged for a lifetime
  • Re-telling your brand story, digitally – how to evolve your story-telling approach
  • Story time – examples from great brands achieving success through consistent, creative brand story-telling

This is going to be a rich, fun, exciting conference – love to see you there!

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