3. POWER, DEMOCRACY & AI / Jamie Bartlett

In this episode, we take a rollercoaster ride with Jamie Bartlett (author and Director of CASM at Demos) through politics, persuasive technology and the Cambridge Analytica scandal. Listen in as we explore the dystopian potential of surveillance, AI, and inequality to corrode the foundations of democracy…

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Also Festival

A very special gathering indeed…

Set up by Writer Helen Bagnall and musician Juliet Russell (the brains behind Salon London), the Also Festival is a beautiful, intimate boutique festival where you can immerse yourself in the work of leading writers, academics and experts, surrounded in beautiful countryside.

Nestled in over a hundred acres of landscaped grounds by a natural lake, with a guest list of only 500 people, this is an exciting festival not to be missed.


The Also Digital Session

How is technology rewiring our brains?

From tots to silver surfers we are all more connected every day of our lives, but what are the real risks and benefits of being so totally wired. Web psychologist Nathalie Nahai and Dark Net author Jamie Bartlett explain all.

Saturday 6:00pm | Main Stage