Today’s guest, Professor Ben Garrod, is an evolutionary biologist, author, broadcaster and primate conservationist, who has worked alongside Dr Jane Goodall and Sir David Attenborough to ignite a love of the natural world in a wide audience, young and old.

In this episode we explore bio-anthropology, the existence of rituals among non-human primates, our fractured identity with the natural world, and why we need to fall in love with the earth if we are to save it.

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Virtual Community Summit (London)

The first ever event dedicated to the science of successful communities

For the past two years, the Virtual Community Summit has gathered the world’s top community professionals into one building to advance the profession of building thriving online communities.

These events haven proven incredibly popular. Today they attract the world’s most experienced community professionals to discuss ideas for building bigger, better, and more valuable communities.

Topics we’ll cover:

This year we’re specifically looking for topics that cover applied social science. We want to dig deep into the realms of psychology, social-psychology, anthropology, sociology, community development to bring new insight into this field. Specifically, we want to cover:

  • What proven principles from psychology can we use to motivate a greater number of contributions?
  • What factors influence whether a newcomer becomes a regular?
  • How do we change the sentiment of a community en-masse?
  • What motivational appeals persuade members to register and participate?
  • What are the proven methods to reach critical mass?
  • How can we construct and manipulate a group identity/sense of community?
  • What are the common mistakes we make with data, and how can we fix them?
  • What social psychology influences which affect how members participate?
  • How can we use communities to trigger desired behaviour (knowledge sharing, increased purchases, greater collaboration etc…)

This is one you really can’t afford to miss!

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