49. Resilience, Cultural Emergence & Connecting With Our Vision / Looby MacNamara

Today, I have the pleasure of speaking with Looby MacNamara – an author, facilitator, designer, gardener and mother.

Having discovered permaculture in 1999, Looby was deeply inspired by the collaborative learning environment and the focus on emerging solutions through collective wisdom, and she has since written 4 books connected with these themes: Cultural Emergence, People & Permaculture, 7 Ways to Think Differently and Strands of Infinity.

In this conversation, we explore everything from community and resilience, to cultural emergence and education, in what I hope will offer an enlivening source of ideas and inspiration.

Join in the conversation #hivepodcast, and find out more at www.nathalienahai.com/the-hive-podcast/
Recorded on 3rd February 2021.