48. Values, Discomfort & Holding Space / Betsy Reed

In today’s conversation, I speak with Betsy Reed, an author, speaker and award-winning director of innovative behaviour change approaches, whose work explores social and environmental issues. Her first book, ‘Communicating Social and Environmental Issues Effectively,’ was published in July 2020 by Emerald Publishing and the UK’s PRCA, the largest PR association in Europe.

Betsy has led sustainability public affairs work for the world’s biggest food company and worked as an independent consultant advising executives in the food, tech and fashion industries on sustainability strategy, risk, and internal and external engagement.

With her passion to engage people in exploring ‘How connection, play and being human in everything we do can save the world,’ this was a vibrant, thought-provoking conversation which I hope will inspire you along your way. For more information, you can find Betsy’s podcast and book via her website www.betsy-reed.com

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Recorded on 15th January 2021.