34. Attention, Transformation & The Power Of Everyday Creativity / Blanche Ellis

In this episode, I had the treat of speaking with a beloved friend, Blanche Ellis. An artist, musician and poet, Blanche works with events and conferences using live-scribing and graphic facilitation techniques to capture content and the flow of ideas.

She helps businesses find beautiful ways to convey their message on long term projects, and has worked with the BBC, Kings College London, CISCO, the NHS, The British Council and Roshe as well as some great social movements including WOW (Women of the World) Festival and Drivers for Change at The Southbank Centre and Rising Global Peace Forum.

Within her artistic practice, Blanche has worked on projects and shown her art in galleries in London, Norwich, New Orleans and Barcelona, and in the past few years she has been studying more traditional techniques of oil painting and charcoal at the Barcelona Academy of Art, which is where we met.

In this conversation, I wanted to uncover how any and each of us can engage in creative processes in our everyday lives, from exploring and absorbing what comes to us, to integrating our experiences and finding ways to echo it back.

Far from creativity being a gift to the chosen few, we talk about how it can be used by anyone as a means of understanding and transforming how we experience the world and ourselves, whether through movement, mark-making, music or the weaving of stories.

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