33. Business Resilience & The Blurring Of Public vs Private Life / Joshua Macht

In today’s show, I had the pleasure of speaking with Joshua Macht, the Executive Vice President and Chief Product and Innovation Officer at Harvard Business Publishing.

An American journalist and media commentator. He joined HBR from TIME magazine where he worked as the Editor and General Manager of TIME.com, as well as the magazine’s Technology Editor. Before that, he was a journalist at Inc. magazine, where he became the editor and co-founder of Inc.com.

For most of us, the current crisis has put a halt to ‘business as usual’, and with companies and workplaces having to adapt quickly to the new landscape, we ask how going virtual may be changing the ways in which we do business, both in the short term, and in the future.

We talk about the values and qualities that leaders will need to cultivate during this crisis, and how this may influence everything from the management of remote workers, to the ways in which companies fulfil their social responsibilities.

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