Now you know your archetype, how can you use this to enhance your business?

We give bespoke consulting in the following 6 domains,
and offer 3 services to meet your needs.



Do you want to define or upgrade your business mission and product design?

We’ll show you how to use your values archetype to gain a deeper understanding of what you stand for, and formulate meaningful goals. You’ll discover how to use your values as guiding principles that will help you discover your USP, prioritise projects and define a clear roadmap forward.



Does your brand identity really reflect what you stand for, and how can you use your values to create crystal clear, meaningful messaging?

Language and visuals are powerful tools of communication. We’ll show you how you can use your value archetype to define your messaging, story and creative so that it resonates with your intended audience. Use your values as a common language for your team, and to communicate what your brand stands for to agencies and creatives.



Do you want to define or upgrade your business mission and product design?

Discover how you can align your relationships and messaging with your values to attract meaningful business and help the right customers and employees find you. Look at your solution from a new perspective and use your value archetype to expand your networks and strategic partners. 



What brings you together as a business?

What atmosphere do you create, and what company traditions do you look forward to?

Work with us to explore how your values archetype can be expressed through your organisational culture. Design your reporting structure, teams, and key roles. Inspire work practices, relationships and traditions.



What are your common goals and drivers?

What can you achieve together?

Get to know each other and explore what ties your team together. Use your value archetypes to foster a deeper understanding of fellow team members, and explore how you can help each other obtain meaningful success. The values tool can help teams define a common mission, or inform how you might design and develop new teams.



Does your mission statement reflect who you are and what you stand for?

Define your business with the right values at its core. Formulate what it is you want to achieve, who you are serving, and what you contribute. Working through your values as a founding team, whether for a Startup or as an internal team, can help you build productive relationships and develop a deeper understanding of what you can build together.




What are your values?

Business values are not defined by one person, they are the result of team members coming together, each contributing their unique perspective and experience to the group. 

To help you get the most from The Values Map, we offer comprehensive reports for businesses and teams, where each team member completes the survey to provide their input. The result is a comprehensive business values report designed to map out what tensions and trends exist within the selected area of focus (within branding and advertising, or business culture, for example). 

Reports are accompanied with a personalised debrief session where we take your team on a deep dive through their business values. 

This report will help you:

  • Understand which values your stakeholders are aligned on, and where potential areas of conflict exist
  • Discover whether your stated values and current strategies are reflected in the core values expressed by your stakeholders
  • Establish a scientifically rigorous foundation from which to update and define your strategy moving forward, for example in one of our analysis workshops



How can you use your values to solve your business challenges?

Reports will form the basis of one or several workshop sessions where we help you use the business values report findings to solve your challenge, from your branding and mission, to your business culture. 

Workshops can be conducted with one or several teams separately, and are concluded with an action report summarising the findings from your initial business values report, your value archetype, and recommended next actions.

The number of workshop sessions will depend on your business challenge. Get in touch so we can design the right workshops for you.



Want a more collaborative, immersive experience?

Get the team together to spend a few hours or days focused on your business values. Explore your values and work together to put them into action. A great option for cross-team projects to create alignment, for kick-starting larger projects, or to (re) set and (re) define purpose for your team.