5. FAKE NEWS & THE DARK WEB / Geoff White

Dive into the murky world of the dark web and the manipulative power of fake news with Geoff White, Tech Journalist for the BBC and Channel 4. In this episode we’ll explore the impact of tech on democracy and freedom, what actually gets sold on the dark web, and the bizarre role of “neg ferrets” in shaping a more optimistic future.

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From surveillance, privacy and biometrics to human rights, the government, and the criminal justice system, Silkie Carlo (Director of Big Brother Watch) takes us on an shocking and illuminating journey through some of the ways in which technology is shaping our public and private lives.

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3. POWER, DEMOCRACY & AI / Jamie Bartlett

In this episode, we take a rollercoaster ride with Jamie Bartlett (author and Director of CASM at Demos) through politics, persuasive technology and the Cambridge Analytica scandal. Listen in as we explore the dystopian potential of surveillance, AI, and inequality to corrode the foundations of democracy…

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2. ETHICS, AI & HUMANITY / Nell Watson

We hear a lot about how robots are poised to take over our jobs and how AI might wreak havoc on humanity… But what about the huge potential that exists for positive impact? I talk with AI specialist and tech philosopher, Nell Watson, about the relationship between ethics, AI and empathy, and how values-based technologies could potentially enhance and enrich the fabric of human society.

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In the first episode of this series, I talk with psychotherapist and author, Dr Aaron Balick, about how technology is impacting our sense of self, society and the quality of our relationships, and what it means to be caught in the battle between validation and recognition.

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The Hive Podcast – A new series


Welcome to The Hive Podcast, a new ten-part series with me, Nathalie Nahai, exploring technology’s impact on our personal, cultural and political lives.

Join me each episode as I interview a fascinating array of guests on everything from psychology, surveillance, data privacy, and sex robots, to politics, AI, personality profiling and much, much more.