93. Wellbeing, Connection & Spontaneous Non-dual Experiences / Jessica Corneille

Today, I have a rather unusual guest… Following a sudden non-dual experience one morning in February 2016, Jessica Corneille decided to change the course of her life by quitting her career in the arts and cultural heritage preservation, to play her part, instead, in helping to de-stigmatise, de-pathologise and raise awareness around spiritual awakening, enlightenment, and non-dual experiences within mainstream psychology.

She graduated with Distinction from a Masters Degree in Psychology from the University of Greenwich, where she focused her studies on “exceptional human experiences” (including transpersonal, anomalistic and parapsychology), and is now a qualified research psychologist, focussing predominantly on awakening experiences of a spontaneous nature.

Jessica has presented her work at a number of academic conferences, including with the British Psychological Society, and she is the Communications Coordinator for the Scientific and Medical Network. She is also a collaborator of the Emergent Phenomenology Research Consortium and Spiritual Crisis Network, and runs support-groups for people undergoing spiritually transformative experiences.

With a desire to challenge the default pathologisation of awakening experiences, Jessica’s research aims to inform and encourage mainstream psychology to look beyond the current designated spectrum of ‘normality’, to encompass the transpersonal as something that is intrinsic to the human experience, and in helping individuals come to the realisation of their highest human potential.

Recorded on 30th May 2022.