120. Love, Intellect & The Power To Invoke AI Experiences In Real Time / Jared Ficklin

Today, I’m in conversation with Jared Ficklin – a designer and technologist with two decades of experience creating products and visions for major companies. An innovator by nature, he is always exploring new means for technological interaction and has a passion for unique interaction models—especially those involving interesting inputs and outputs like touch, multi-touch, voice, gesture, sensing, and projection.

The founding Partner & Lead Creative Technologist at argodesign, Jared’s philosophy is oriented towards “Thinking by Making, Delivering by Demonstration”, and he employs user experience simulation as a method for quickly bringing products to life.


Having spent 14 years of his career at frog design contributing to the visions, strategy, intellectual property, and products of clients including HP, Microsoft, AT&T, LG, SanDisk, and Motorola, Jared’s work integrating technology into the design process at frog led him to be named one of 4 frog fellows.

An evangelist and co-creator of the cable car-based mass transport vision known as The Wire, and a keen Burner, Jared was the first to bring live fire to the TED stage. He speaks internationally as a creative technologist and futurist, and it was his passion for what technology might affords us when coupled with human creativity, ingenuity and heart, that most excited me about being in conversation with Jared today.


Recorded 20th June 2023.