118. Poetry, Presence & The Power Of Art On Mental Health / Ioana Lungu

Today I am in conversation with Ioana Lungu – a poet, spoken word artist and event host, based in Barcelona. She started writing (creatively) when she was 11 years old, navigating her way through short stories, plays and the beginnings of novels, and through her literary explorations, the art form that has stood the test of time, for her, is her poetry.


Ioana first stepped into the world of spoken word when she moved to Barcelona several years ago and got involved in the poetry community through events and writing workshops, which is how we first encountered one another. A passionate supporter of other people’s creativity, Ioana invited a group of us to perform at a charity fundraiser that she hosts every year on her birthday, and alongside her moving, poignant poetry, it is her ability to bring people together in community towards a common goal that moved me to ask her onto the show.


Apart from her creative pursuits, Ioana is into meditation, yoga, breathwork and aquatic wildlife, and she’s currently pondering on the idea of writing a book and hosting a monthly event in Barcelona, so watch this space. To learn more about Ioana and dive into her world of poetry, you can find her on Instagram at @ioanalungu_

Recorded 6th June 2023.