109. Embodiment, Breathwork & The Journey Towards Homecoming / Tugba Kirhan

In this conversation, I speak with Tugba Kirhan, a breathwork and embodiment practitioner I had the joy of meeting during my time at Embercombe earlier this year.

Passionate about nurturing a culture of personal growth and bringing joy into our everyday lives, Tugba is a project manager, facilitator and coach who has worked in the charity and humanitarian sectors in the UK and overseas, dealing with issues such as international development and women & youth empowerment.

After experiencing Embercombe’s program, The Journey, first-hand as a participant back in 2018, Tugba’s relationship with the land and Embercombe’s ethos has deepened, and she now facilitates on various different courses. She has also led fundraising campaigns and coordinated events including Mac Macartney’s Kith and Kin residentials.

Named after the tree of life, Tugba is a native of rural Anatolia (Turkey), where East meets West, and this quality of bridging is present in the many ways in which she works to weave together a sense of kinship between and within humans, and with all forms of life.

Recorded on 23rd March 2023.