The Psychology of online persuasion

Discover the psychological principles at play behind successful online businesses, and learn how to use these scientific insights to create more persuasive marketing campaigns, websites and content.

Conversion rate optimisation

Learn how to employ specific online persuasion techniques on your website and in your marketing campaigns to engage the brain’s primal, emotional and rational systems and increase conversions.

Sex, technology & relationships

From enchanted objects to hook-up apps, discover the wonderful and wicked ways in which online dating, teledildonics and pornography are influencing our relationships, sex lives and identity.

Internet addiction, tech & well-being

We’ll explore how everyday tech is hijacking our autonomy, our attention and productivity, and the way we make decisions – and learn about the hacks we can use to defend ourselves.


Content marketing & strategy

Learn how to use psychological trigger words, behavioural science principles and persuasive storytelling frameworks to design more emotionally engaging content and marketing campaigns.

Tech & ethical product development

Learn how to use web psychology principles in a successful and ethical way that not only ensures greater profitability, but also strengthens customer trust, customer loyalty and your business’ reputation.

Culturability & international marketing

Discover the powerful psychological factors that differentiate one culture from another, and learn how to leverage underlying motivations to increase online engagement and profit across multiple territories.