WORKSHOP: Psychologically optimise your website & marketing

The Workshop & Networking Lunch

For the past few years I’ve been running a series of intense (and fun!) half-day masterclasses for organisations including Unilever, eBay and Google, teaching them how to use web psychology principles in their websites and content marketing.

And with 2016 now in full swing, I’ve decided to run an open workshop for those of you who might be interested in kicking off the new year applying these insights to your business.

This workshop is a practical, intense half-day dive that will teach you how to use cutting-edge research from the behavioural sciences to increase the effectiveness of your website, marketing and customer engagement.

Since one of the most important aspects of learning is being able to discuss our ideas and relate them to real-world business, there will be a fabulous complimentary private networking lunch after the workshop.

I don’t run these workshops very often, and will only run it if I reach a minimum of 15 attendees. 


Latitude Festival

A beautiful festival in Suffolk

“With its theatre and comedy and multitude of non-musical activities, Latitude is the Glastonbury for people who can’t cope with the scale of the Somerset festival”… (The Guardian)

This year, as Latitude Festival celebrates its 10th birthday with some huge headline acts, I’ll be joining the partygoers and talking about the future of the internet and why we need to humanise the web.

Also Festival

A very special gathering indeed…

Set up by Writer Helen Bagnall and musician Juliet Russell (the brains behind Salon London), the Also Festival is a beautiful, intimate boutique festival where you can immerse yourself in the work of leading writers, academics and experts, surrounded in beautiful countryside.

Nestled in over a hundred acres of landscaped grounds by a natural lake, with a guest list of only 500 people, this is an exciting festival not to be missed.


The Also Digital Session

How is technology rewiring our brains?

From tots to silver surfers we are all more connected every day of our lives, but what are the real risks and benefits of being so totally wired. Web psychologist Nathalie Nahai and Dark Net author Jamie Bartlett explain all.

Saturday 6:00pm | Main Stage


Habit Summit

Let’s talk about building consumer habits

Join entrepreneurs, innovators, and industry insiders to learn how to build more engaging products and services.

Dive into psychology, design, and behavioural science to develop habits that stick.

This event is for product designers, executives, and marketers: anyone who needs to understand what makes customers tick.



Fredric Vinnå
James Clear
Nathalie Nahai
Nir Eyal
Roger Dooley
Ryan Hoover


Special discount

I’ve nabbed us a special discount – grab$50 off tickets to the Habit Summit using the code “FriendOfSpeaker” on the Eventbrite page.


SXSW Interactive

Designing for the Mind

Our expert panelists will teach you how to design products, websites, and marketing campaigns for how your customer’s mind really works. What made WhatsApp and Instagram worth billions compared to hundreds of comparable apps?

They were designed to be habit forming, and used a specific, brain-oriented approach to getting users started and keeping them engaged.

You’ll learn how to make any website more persuasive with simple changes to design elements like colours and images, and how to apply long-established principles of persuasion to today’s digital media.

This will be a session packed with takeaways that audience members can apply immediately to their own projects. The emphasis won’t be on theory or basic science, but rather on practical techniques that can be employed by organisations of any size.



Roger Dooley Dooley Direct LLC
Nathalie Nahai The Web Psychologist Ltd.
Nir Eyal


Google Campus Talks

In this 45 mins interactive session, I’ll be talking at Google Campus about web psychology and how to use the different motivational systems of the brain to design more persuasive websites, content marketing, and online customer experiences.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

NN x

MozCon (Seattle, USA)

The most amazing conference EVER!

We bring you three days of forward-thinking, actionable sessions on SEO, social media, community building, content marketing, brand development, CRO, the mobile landscape, analytics, and more. MozCon speakers share next-level advice on everything from building a loyal community to making data-driven decisions in your marketing.

You won’t find any stuffy networking events here — you can connect with our amazing community of industry leaders, chat with the speakers and Moz staff, pick up some cool swag, and even get a hug from our friendly robot, Roger.

This is my favourite conference of the year – it’s epic, insanely fun, and will fill your brain and heart with the wonders of being alive.

I can’t wait!!

NN x

Digital Age Summit (Istanbul, Turkey)

Future trends in the marketing world

Digital information technologies, especially the boom in user content and social media, have created radical changes in the marketing world. At first brands were in rush to become more impactful on social media in order to gain more followers and fans. In fact the quantity didn’t matter, but the quality does.

A good amount of fans or likes is not a good determinant (nor the most efficient solution) for marketers to reach their marketing goals on digital arena.

Marketing targets can only be reached by engaging with digital users and fans directly on social media, and by including them in your communication strategy.

The Science of Response Conference (London)

The team at Instinctiv are delighted to announce the first ever Science of Response Conference

This brand new, full day event brings together an impressive line-up of academics and practitioners to share their expertise in behavioural science and help you get beyond the hype surrounding nudge to deliver transformational results for your organisation.

The date is 20th May and it’s happening at London’s centre of enlightened thinking, the RSA. Our talented speakers will share how you can apply new insights from psychology, neuroscience and behavioural economics to create more effective fundraising underpinned by science.

Topics we’ll cover

Sessions will include Evidenced insights from:

  • Recent research
  • Established theory
  • Case studies
  • Ppportunities for Q&A with speakers

Between sessions, you will be invited to explore the Science of Response poster expo and be inspired by real campaign stories, research reports and interactive exhibits

Every attendee will receive a selection of FREE books worth more than £40, written by our speakers and, when you book before 11th April, charity delegates receive a 25% discount.

So, why not come along to network with like-minded peers and academics and discover how the Science of Response can help you deliver more for your organisation.

If you’re in London, make sure you grab your ticket early – this is an event you don’t want to miss.

NN x

Chinwag Psych (London)

Psychology, neuroscience, behavioural economics and more

Chinwag Psych is a full day conference covering psychology, neuroscience, behavioural economics and more. Our mission is to examine these rapidly changing disciplines and explore how they can be applied to business.

From practical psychology-based case studies to bleeding edge neuroscience, there will be thought-provoking presentations, panel sessions, informed Q & A plus plenty of time for networking.

Topics we’ll cover:

Psych London will cover four sessions during the day:

  1. Persuade: Unlock the drivers that subconsciously influence your audience’s behaviour
  2. Analyse: Understand how you’re influencing your customers’ choices.
  3. Optimise: Learn how you can increase your leads, conversions, and sales.
  4. Anticipate: Discover the emerging trends, tech and ways of thinking that are shaping your future.

If you’re only going to attend one conference this year, make sure it’s this one.

If you miss it, you’ll miss out.


NN x