Influencer World

Many brands and marketeers have the same questions: what exactly are influencers, who are they, what is their value and how can we reach them?

The Influencer.World Conference will tackle these questions.

6 top international experts in this field will provide their point of view and share experiences in 45 minute keynote speeches.

SXSW Interactive

Designing for the Mind

Our expert panelists will teach you how to design products, websites, and marketing campaigns for how your customer’s mind really works. What made WhatsApp and Instagram worth billions compared to hundreds of comparable apps?

They were designed to be habit forming, and used a specific, brain-oriented approach to getting users started and keeping them engaged.

You’ll learn how to make any website more persuasive with simple changes to design elements like colours and images, and how to apply long-established principles of persuasion to today’s digital media.

This will be a session packed with takeaways that audience members can apply immediately to their own projects. The emphasis won’t be on theory or basic science, but rather on practical techniques that can be employed by organisations of any size.



Roger Dooley Dooley Direct LLC
Nathalie Nahai The Web Psychologist Ltd.
Nir Eyal