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Hook ‘em: The Psychology of Persuasive Products

In this exciting panel, we’ll explore the science behind how to design effective products, websites, apps, and marketing campaigns.

•  What was the psychlogoy behind Slack becoming the dominant team app?

•  Why is Whatsapp worth billions when dozens of messaging apps failed to get traction?

•  And how do platforms such as AirBnB grow and maintain such a huge customer base, so quickly

When you look at the psychological mechanics behind successful apps, websites, and products, you’ll find they’ve all been meticulously designed to be habit forming.

In this session, you’ll learn about these brain-oriented approaches to attracting interest, signing up users, and keeping them engaged. To kick off, we’ll each give a short formal presentation, and then open the floor to audience Q & A.

As with our sold-out session at SXSW 2015, you’ll come away with actionable advice that you can apply immediately to your own projects.


Roger Dooley
Founder, Dooley Direct LLC

Susan Weinschenk
CEO, The Team W

Nir Eyal
Author, Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Prod

Nathalie Nahai
Web Psychologist and author, The Web Psychologist Ltd



Habit Summit (Amsterdam)

Let’s talk about building habits

Habit Summit brings together experts, entrepreneurs, and industry insiders to share their hard-won insights on how to build habits.

Prepare to crack open a treasure trove of secrets from psychology, design, and behavioural science to learn what really moves us.

This event is for product designers, executives, visionaries, and marketers: anyone whose product or company would benefit from repeat customer engagement.

Topics we’ll cover

  • How Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook design high engagement technologies
  • Practical insights to create user habits that stick
  • Forming personal habits to increase productivity and well being
  • The potential of social change through habit formation
  • …and more!

Hope to see you there!

NN x