All work and no play? The rise of games and gamification

The turn of phrase “work hard, play hard” distinguishes work and play as two distinct areas of life. They are separated by a rigid comma that prevents any unwanted spillover. In four words, the statement illustrates the role of play in the everyday life of a 21st century adult.

Both are studiously kept apart and yet, both matter.

A closer look at play and games in the context of work reveals that the distinction between these two spheres of life has been blurred for rather a long time.

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Games: Applied positive psychology to boost intrinsic motivation

In the previous post, we explored the hidden world of procrastination and our frustrating tendency to (irrationally!) delay tasks.

At the other end of this motivation scale, sits the experience of game play. While we may all gravitate towards different games, the act of playing deeply fulfils our desire to engage in satisfying, self-chosen challenges. Continue reading