This year’s event will be focused on helping advertisers maximise their online conversions in a multi screen world.

During the two days you’ll hear from leading industry experts on topics such as progressive web apps, mobile design essentials, Google’s perspective on UX best practice and insights from an online consumer psychologist.

Conversion Conference

What happens in Vegas…

Learn how to optimise your website and grow your business with:

• The latest developments in cross-device targeting and optimisation
• Proven techniques for implementing A/B and multivariate tests that yield results
• Strategies for using data to deliver highly personalised landing pages
• Real-world case studies from leading brand-side marketers
• One-on-one advice from the world’s top conversion experts
• Theme-based tracks for e-commerce, lead generation and SME websites


Habit Summit (Amsterdam)

Let’s talk about building habits

Habit Summit brings together experts, entrepreneurs, and industry insiders to share their hard-won insights on how to build habits.

Prepare to crack open a treasure trove of secrets from psychology, design, and behavioural science to learn what really moves us.

This event is for product designers, executives, visionaries, and marketers: anyone whose product or company would benefit from repeat customer engagement.

Topics we’ll cover

  • How Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook design high engagement technologies
  • Practical insights to create user habits that stick
  • Forming personal habits to increase productivity and well being
  • The potential of social change through habit formation
  • …and more!

Hope to see you there!

NN x